I always had a dream about creating the best trading system which would be profitable, safe, reliable, simple and it would not depend on ever-changing market conditions.

The market is always changing and you need to adapt to these changes. At least you had to do this until now. Most strategies stop working when market conditions change and you need to adapt the way how you're using your trading system. People spend thousands of dollars on forex courses, indicators, trading systems and for some reason they do not get good results. Though I know the answer why most traders do not get positive results while some traders do.

Each time you purchased a new forex system or indicator from some seller, it was not enough just to purchase a trading system.

It does not mean the software or systems you purchased in the past did not work at all. They probably worked but worked mostly for the author of the system or experienced traders who also bought the system. The author or experienced traders were able to adapt the trading systems they used to new market conditions if required as they had knowledge for this task. But the majority of traders do not have enough knowledge or practice. And in case market conditions change, most traders are not be able to adapt their systems according to these market changes. But fortunately these things have changed.

I truly wanted to solve this problem and dreamed about a trading tool that would give everyone, from newbie to professional, the opportunity to make money out of forex trading by using an easy to use and reliable trading approach which could work in the long run and would not require from you the ability to adapt to ever-changing market. And I managed to make my dream come true. I've created a forex system which is truly based on natural laws of how the market works. As my system is based on universal market laws, it will work for you for as much time as you want.

In order for a trading system to be successful in the long run, it should be, like the market, based on universal market laws which never change. And I believe I have discovered a market law which can be probably the most important market law as it deals directly with price.

This discovery of mine can help you with your trading because now in order to trade like a pro you do not need to know a lot of things about market. You do not need years of practice as well. Even if you are a total newbie, you can easily start profiting on the opportunities Forex provides. All you need is to know and understand only one law. That's it. Here you're going to learn about probably the most important market law which I call the Law of Price Explosion. This law is directly connected with the way how the price moves or, in other words, the law is connected with the kinetics of the price and the powers which make the price move. So my system and my discovery is based on the kinetics of the Forex market. Here is why I call my system Forex Kinetics.

By the way, have you ever thought about the nature of market? Indeed the market is not only a chart or some indicators placed on that chart. Market is not only people who use these indicators on the charts. Market is much more than that. Actually it is a complex world. I can even use the word "universe" with its own laws and rules.

We live in an orderly universe. There is a certain order in market too, though it is not obvious for us but there is certainly some order. You may say market depends on people who control it. In other words it depends on big players with big money who make the market moving. Yes, this is true. But this is only the one side of the coin. These natural laws exist in everything in our life including the human nature. We are all ruled by those natural laws though we do not pay attention to this fact and do not think about it. So the market can be predicted. I do not want to say it can be predicted 100% of the time, but we can predict it with pretty good accuracy and consistency. All you need is to understand how the price works.

The price is a value of this or that currency. It is constantly moving as the value is not fixed and depends on multiple factors. When the value of the currency is increasing, at the same time another counterpart currency's value is decreasing. And that's obvious and you definitely know this. But for us the thing which really matters is the natural side of the price's value. So let's talk about kinetics of the price.

Here I want to talk of the price like some physical object. In order to understand what I want to tell you, I would like to ask you to think of the price like a throw of a stone. Imagine you take a stone in your hand and decide to throw it away. The way how far it will fly depends on the energy you are going to put in your throw. The more energy you give to this action, the far your stone is going to fly. Let's assume you have just thrown that stone. It flew, let's say, ten meters and dropped on the ground. You can take this stone again and make a second attempt. And again the result will depend on the kinetic energy you put into the throw.

Now let's assume the currency is your stone and you can increase or decrease the value of the currency by throwing that stone in this or that direction. Now let's also assume you are one of these big financial guys who move the market, like a bank or some other financial institution or company. And you have the ability  "to throw a stone", actually make the price move by throwing big volumes of some currency into the market. The market starts moving. Do you remember I told you we can predict the market movements? I just want to clarify my statement here. In most cases we, ordinary traders, cannot predict when a "big money guy" will throw its stone. And actually we do not need this to know in order to trade successfully. All we need is to know that the stone was thrown as a fact. Yes, first of all we need something that would notify us about this action. Once the stone is thrown we want to know the direction of the throw (where the price is heading).

Once we know all those things, we already have an edge over other traders. But we can go even further than that. By calculating average value of energy which is put into the throw, we can predict approximate distance where the stone will go. We can do this by analyzing kinetic energy which is used in the throw. When you are throwing a stone, the most power of this energy is concentrated in the beginning of your throw. Then in course of the flight, the energy is affected by the law of gravitation and the power of the kinetic energy decreases until the stone finally gets on the ground. In Forex the gravitation power is the opposite side of traders. If we have a SELL move, so the buyers will represent the gravitation power in this case .

Actually we do not need to do this and frankly speaking it is not an easy task, otherwise we would always know when the market reverse with the accuracy of a pip or two. But unfortunately we cannot calculate the power of each individual throw in real time because the power can be accurately calculated only when the action is already completed. But we can analyze a thousand of different throws and calculate the average strength based on all those throws (price moves). I will explain it here by providing you with another example.

Let's assume we asked a thousand of different people to take a stone and throw it away. Obviously the power of each individual throw will be different. But in overall we can find out statistically average value, some golden mean. The same we can do with the price if we analyze the movements of some period of time. We can get the average power value of the price move and this will help us find possible targets where the price will go. In other words we may have our exit price levels. Moreover we can say not only where the price may possibly go, but we can also say where the power (kinetic energy of the throw) of price move will possibly be exhausted. This will give us the ability to exit our trades in a timely manner.

Do you remember I mentioned the law of price explosion earlier? And you can possibly ask me one more question. How do we know that the "stone is thrown"? The price is constantly moving up and down. Even small movements are still moves. Are those moves also the throws of the stone?

No! Small price fluctuations have nothing in common with real throw because for a throw we need a good portion of kinetic energy. And the law of price explosion helps us detect real "stone throws", real price changes that make the market move. I told you earlier that the most power of kinetic energy is concentrated in the beginning of the throw. So actually the moment of throwing is the explosion, if we speak about price. But how can we distinguish a real throw from just other unimportant moves? It's not a rocket science as well. Again statistics will come into place and help us find average power points that we can use like triggers.

By understanding the natural market laws we can create a complete system that can help us with our trading decisions. Fortunately for you, you do not need to know all the things I told you and any other things about market laws because all you need for trading is already put into my software's code. Yes I have put my whole system into code. Actually this is more than an indicator, this is the complete trading system. And the best part of it - you do not need to have any knowledge of forex trading at all. If you have knowledge and experience - that's great. If not - that's not a problem because my software will do all the calculations for you, will do all analysis for you automatically. All you need is just to learn how to use my software. But believe me - it is a very simple task.

Below you will find a series of screenshots with my comments. Please look at the screenshots to see how my software works. Before you see some trading examples, I would like to tell you some interesting and important things about the trading process with my system so you can better understand how to use my strategy.

The software analyzes the market's BUY and SELL pressure by calculating the strength of each individual price move according to my special formula. Once there is a signal, you will see an arrow. The arrow appears at the moment of what I call "the price explosion point". And this point will actually be your entry level.

The software will show you big arrows and small arrows. It will also show you small circles. Bigger arrows represent the start of bigger price waves or in other words - price trends. Small arrows represent explosion points. These are actually your entry signals. We trade in the direction of the bigger price waves represented by bigger arrows. And the circles are actually your exit points. So the whole trading is very easy. All you need is to trade in the direction of the trend using small arrows and exit using circle signals.

I want you to know that my trading system can be applied to any trading instrument or time frame. But still there are pairs and time frames which may work better than the other. I will teach you how to easily identify best pairs or any other trading instrument for best use with my system. It is very easy.

Now please watch the screenshots below and you will see how unique my strategy is. These screenshots represent signals on several time frames of EURUSD and a couple of other forex pairs. Thogh I provide screenshots for EURUSD mostly, the software will still work with any other trading instrument be it a currency, commodity, stocks or anything else. EURUSD is simply my favourite pair and the most traded pair among other traders and thus I provide more screenshots for this pair. Again I want to repeat it that I am going to tell you how to easily identify the best pairs or any other best trading instruments for trading with my system. You will have everything you need in the instructions I am going to provide you after the purchase.

Now please feel free to look at the screenshots.

If you want to see the screenshots in the full screen mode, simply click the screenshot with your left mouse button and you will see it in its full size. Then click "Back" button in your browser to return back to this page.






















Have you noticed how easy it is to trade with my system? I believe simplicity is already the half of success. Believe me I've tried a hundred of different indicators and strategies before during my past years of trading and I know what it is to have a bunch of indicators on your chart. Or if you have too complex rules to follow - this is also not a good way to trade. Only when the trading system is simple - you can trade it for years to come and make money consistently.

Now you have the opportunity to get my trading system and software to finally start trading the easier, more profitable and reliable way. I can say without a doubt that the strategies which are designed with the natural market laws as the basis, are the most reliable. Such trading systems like mine can easily be sold for thousands of dollars. Professional traders will understand me here. I know what I am talking about as I have almost 15 years of trading experience behind my back and I know how important it is to have a system with a truly professional approach to trading. I give everyone the opportunity to obtain a truly professional trading system designed by trader for traders.

Today you have the chance to get unlimited access to my software with an opportunity to use it with as many of your trading accounts as you want. You will have all the features including the ability to work with as many trading instruments you like with no restrictions. Really there are no limits or restrictions here for you. The unlimited version of the software will cost you $597 only.

If you purchase my software, of course, you're guaranteed to get ongoing unlimited support and free updates. Plus, as your another advantage, I can even remotely install my software on your PC and setup your charts for you. This is absoltuely for free.

In my turn I promise, you will significantly improve your trading skills and your trading results if you start using my Forex Kinetics software in your personal trading. I truly believe my knowledge and experience will be a great help to you and both will help you become a better trader. This is my goal. I want you to become a better trader in comparison to what you’re now. I want you to be successful and I will do my best to help you achieve your financial goals whatever they are. I sincerely wish to see you among the owners of the Forex Kinetics system.

For your convenince, I accept payments via Paypal. Those who do not have Paypal, please note, you still can use Paypal to pay via your card without opening an account. Simply choose an option to "Pay without a Paypal account" during the payment process. If you can not use Paypal for any reason, I may also accept payments via debit or credit cards using an alternative credit cards payment processor. Additionally I also accept Neteller and even Bitcoin. Just let me know in case you would like to use one of the alternative payment options.

It seems it's been a pretty long sales page, right? Though I truly wanted to make it as short as possible. Well, I hope to see you on the inside. Thank You for your time and your true interest in my services! Now the choice is yours...




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